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Two singles as MEG and MEG ZOMBIES out June 5th!



Original album WEAR I AM out now!


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Artist: MEG
Album: Journey
Song: Rush
Plays: 1,155

One day to go and so much to do. How did I get here again?
Always in a rush, I run out of time. When will I say when?

Hi again. I’m sorry I always fail to keep this blog updated. :( Truthfully, I finished translations of both singles some time ago, but my computer wiped them out and I haven’t had the strength to revisit them since… so… yeah.

Mostly, I’ve been busy with… travel plans? Yeah, I’m headed to Los Angeles as of tomorrow, going to see the fabulous RAM RIDER at Anime Expo. Naturally, I’m dropping in for the Perfume live viewing on Sunday as well!

When I get back, I’ll try to answer everybody’s asks and get on a more regular posting schedule for the millionth time. Thanks for all the really nice messages you’ve sent lately and for still following. 

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I took my Room Girl CD, put it into SoundForge and converted every track into 192 kHz and 24 bits. Here's why I bring it up: listening through my audio production monitors (very nice, very accurate), the ballad-type tracks, which are close-miked, sound uncannily like MEG is standing right there singing three feet in front of you. Marvelous sound. I'm very glad you kept the blog open--like others, I also find the translations VERY important. Thank you for doing them!!!

You’re welcome, and thank you for reading them! The discovery you mentioned reminded me strongly of various interviews she gave from around that time, describing how she intentionally wanted to sound close to the listener, which I think was a great decision on her part. Little details like that are what makes her music so enjoyable to listen to over and over again, I think.

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Are you going to translate MEG's new songs? I saw you posted partial translations and if you could translate the full tracks it'd be amazing! Please? :)

Yes, definitely! The partial translations were done by ear, so now that I’ve seen the full lyrics online, I can translate the whole songs. Except I may save “Gladiolus” and “Wasurenagusa” until I can get the last two levels of MEG THE WORLD completed because understanding their lyrics is very dependent on knowing the storyline of the game… I’ve had the translations of them pretty much done forever, but taking the caps and formatting the posts is kind of time-consuming so I’ve been avoiding it. :( I’ll finish them, though, I swear! I also want to write an analysis of the single if possible.

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Could you translate Kiss or Bite or Save please?

I’m working on both as we speak!

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Tumblr owes you a big thank you. I'm the Anonymous asking about Room Girl and MEG's songwriting below. I signed up just to follow your **Excellent** site. As you say, I do notice a MEG 'style' in all her work. I do love her songwriting, though, I wish she'd do more. I just got Dithyrambos from Japan import, so I'm very excited about hearing so many of these pieces for the first time!

Thank you so much. I’ve been feeling like this blog isn’t very useful to anyone recently, so I was actually thinking about closing it down, but it’s really nice to know that people do still enjoy it. Dithyrambos has that room girl sound in spades, so I’m sure you’ll love it.

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Artist: グラジオラス -夢ならいいのに-
Plays: 1,229

I wish this were a dream
I thought that over and over

Please, at least don’t look at me
Forget me
Please, at least don’t look at me
Please forget me

Why did it have to be me?
I thought that over and over

Please, at least look at me
Don’t forget me
Please, at least look at me
Please don’t forget me